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In The Kitchen with Chef JasjitKaur 

Full Episodes of "In The Kitchen with Chef Jasjit Kaur".

Watch the Program on Rogers TV 20 - Wednesdays at 6 pm.

Special Episode - Vesakhi Special

Episode 1 - Vegetarian Appetizers

Episode 2 - Non-veg Appetizers

Episode 3 - Indian Breakfast

Episode 4 - Pay Bhaji Mumbai Street Style

Episode 5 - Butter Chicken

Episode 6 - Indian Restaurants Favorites

Episode 7 - Indian Spices

Episode 8 - Quinoa Pulao with Raitas w/ Kulfi

Episode 9 - Mighty Millets

Episode 10 - Combo Meals

This is one of the explicit Indian cooking shows, which will be a colourful feast for your eyes with episodes touching each & every topic, from Indian appetizers to Indian desserts, a complete series of aromas, and flavourful essence of Indian spices. 


Chef Jasjit's magic spice box's secrets of blending her homemade spices, using the best quality spices from The pepper tree spice co. for roasting spices; she covers the basics of Indian cooking. It would be a memorable journey for all our audience out there to actually wait for each week for this special show where she shares fusion ideas so tastefully, be it Tandoori chicken Pizza created with Sczhwan sauce from Papajee foods to Butter chicken poutine made using her authentic sauce also sharing Sherni sauce for quick meal ideas at home & her sweet notes with Brar's food products used to create fusion desserts from mango eggless cake with Rasmalai to Shrikhand with Motichoor Laddoos and much more. 


Embark on a vibrant culinary journey with our Indian cook! Let's not forget that "Love is her key ingredient"

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