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Motichoor Parfait Recipe


  • 6 Brar Motichoor ke ladoo

  • 2 cups Shrikand made with Hung Yogurt adding Pistachio, Almonds ,Saffron ,Cardamom

  • Edible Flowers Garnish & one Laddoo Garnish


1.Prepare thick Brar yogurt Shrikhand. Keep in Fridge .

2.Crumble the ladoos and make a layer of motichoor in shot glasses with Shrikhand.

3.Pour Shrikhand on top.

4.Garnish with Edible Flowers

5.Make all the parfaits in the same manner.

6.Chill in refrigerator for 6-8 hours before serving.

7.If you like your Shrikhand airy & Fluffy, smooth like me, you can churn it once in a blender.

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